Hello, lovelies! I'd like to announce that we're having a Back To School Sale (15%) on all donation items in our store! 

As many of you have come to find out, Pixelmon was issued a Cease and Desist order from The Pokemon Company. This means that they face possible legal issues if they continue to develop and distribute the mod. 
If you would like to read the official announcement, you may do so here :

Sadly, this does mean that a lot of people will have stopped playing Pixelmon, however, we still plan to keep going strong. We plan to keep developing our Pixelmon server as long as people want to continue playing the mod. Hopefully we will be able to get ourselves a nice little player base of friendly people. 
In addition to that, once the Pixelmon server is running stabily, we will be broadening our views and looking for different types of servers to open.

We would like to personally thank everyone for standing with us through thick and thin and we are eternally grateful for your continued support of our server(s).

On a last note, please remember that creating polls, petitions, threats, etc, about having Pixelmon shut down will not change the status.